How to Clean Porcelain Figurines and Ornaments

How to Clean Porcelain Figurines and Ornaments
Porcelain is a delicate ceramic product made from hard-fired clay. It is typically used for making a wide range of decorative items. Due to its fragile nature, porcelain needs to be handled with great care, especially when cleaning it. Fortunately, there are gentle methods that do the trick and keep your favorite porcelain pieces beautiful and in tip-top shape. 

Here’s how you should clean and remove stains from your cherished porcelain collection.

  1. Using a soft, dry cloth like microfibre, remove any surface dust.
  2. If the object you are cleaning has tiny holes or crevices, use a soft, lightweight brush to clean out any dirt or dust.
  3. Place porcelain items in a plastic bowl or line the sink with rubber mats to avoid damaging them in cases of slips and falls.
  4. Wash the items slowly with warm water and mild soap or detergent. Keep the temperature of the water consistent and use mild detergent to avoid damaging the items, especially those with metal trimmings. Allow very thin items to acclimatise to the water temperature to avoid destroying the delicate finish.
  5. Remove stains with baking soda paste or a salt and vinegar mixture.
  6. Never use a toothbrush or scourer to clean porcelain; use a soft cloth or sponge to rub stained areas with a light hand.
  7. Never use bleach or abrasive, harsh cleaning agents.
  8. For stubborn stains, try soaking the items in warm water. Or you can purchase a commercial porcelain cleaner from your local hardware store and use it with extreme caution. Try the product on a small, not so visible area first.
  9. Rinse your porcelain figurines and ornaments in warm water
  10. Place on paper towels to dry.

Here’s a helpful and informative video tutorial on how to clean porcelain items without damaging them: