Inexpensive Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Day is coming and some are still clueless about what gift to give their special someone. It does not need to be expensive. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts. You just have to let her know that she is being thought about despite your busy schedule. Here are inexpensive gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Flowers are already a given. Flowers are a standard for Valentine’s Day. Bouquets can start

 from $50 to $200. Giving a more expensive bouquet doesn’t mean it will be appreciated more. Your special someone wouldn’t know the price, anyway. Just make sure the arrangement of the flowers look nice and the bouquet doesn’t scream “cheap.” Flower shops are everywhere. There’s bound to be one near you!

Along with the flower bouquet, you can add some more items to make your gift look more sophisticated and fun. Bear stuff toys are a common add-on. If she’s too old for that, skip the stuffed toys. Chocolates are also a good addition to your flowers. Now, chocolates could be a little bit tricky. She could easily determine if the chocolates you bought are cheap because of the brand. You still do not need to buy expensive chocolates. If you can afford it, go ahead. If you can’t, a good alternative is to buy chocolates from those brands that she is not aware of. There are countless bakeshops and homemade chocolates that still tastes wonderful. Just make sure the packaging of the chocolate look expensive. If you do not have time to taste chocolates from bakeshops, Godiva has Valentine’s chocolates starting from $15. You might want to check Always On My Heart for great presents.

Spa gifts are also a good addition to give to your special someone. Women love products that will pamper them. You could buy a gift certificate package from a spa salon and give it along with your bouquet. Beauty shops will offer spa packages complete with brushes, soaps, loofahs, etc. You could also consider beautiful looking scented candles, lotions, and fragrances.

If your special someone is really fond of makeup, give her cosmetics as gifts. It is unusual, but it just says that you are paying attention to her and you are taking the extra effort of finding makeup that suits her (a very daunting task especially for a man). When a man gives a woman makeup gifts, the woman is very sure that the man went an extra mile (and brought his manly ego down) to ask someone else what makeup would be best for her. A lot of small makeup companies/retailers will be willing to help you determine the best cosmetics to give to your special lady. (Tip: try asking Tamera Szijarto’s online cosmetics store for advice)

Remember, an expensive Valentine’s Day gift does not mean that it will be appreciated more. The important thing is that the woman knows that you are thinking of her and you are willing to make some effort just to give her a meaningful gift.