Marks of Authenticity

The quality and artistry of the M.I Hummel products and their authenticity are beyond compare, agreed by a number of admirers and collectors. The genuine figurines from M.I. Hummel are designed using strict procedures for high quality by Manufaktur Rödental, Hummel family and the Convent of Siessen.

The Signature

There are authenticity marks to identify if a plate, figurine, or bell is authentic  M.I. Hummel products. On the base of every piece is incised the signature of Sister M.I. Hummel. When Franz Goebel and Sister Hummel made the contract, they agreed that every piece, excluding the ones that don’t have adequate surface or base, to have the signature of Sister Hummel as her personal stamp. This contract is honored to this day.


The Trademark

The figurines have another important trademark that is on the figurines’ underside. Since 1935, the trademark’s look has varied and has been a very exciting moment for all collectors of M.I. Hummel. You can check some of the variations over the years below.


When purchasing M.I. Hummel products, be sure to shop only at authorized M.I. Hummel establishments. And look carefully for two marks of authenticity – the M.I. Hummel signature and the trademark. They are your assurance of the continuing excellence and artistry of Manufaktur Rödental.